Jan 15, 2014

In the Name of Love | Jacobin

Really good article. But it rests on the assumption that “doing what we love” is still work even when it’s completely enjoyable. I agree that interns and graduate students are working on menial tasks at most times, but fashion designers, artists, writers, musicians and other creative workers mostly pursue their hobbies. These hobbies can’t be categorized as work, but the article’s ideas about people ignoring the necessity of labor because it’s boring and uninteresting is completely true. Read it for sure unless you’re a yuppie idealist with a big trust fund backing you-bb

Jan 12, 2014


if you have entered this sad corner of the internet, congrats for no reason!

but seriously, you’ve entered the world of bionicbunny, a trio of bored young losers from los angeles who like to make lo-fi hip-hop. hopefully, you like the music and rants we have coming

Jan 12, 2014